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Dr.Willard Wigan MBE

Willard Wigan creates the smallest sculptures ever made by a human hand. 


As a schoolboy, Willard found reading and writing did not come naturally to him. At that time learning differences were not accepted or widely recognised. Regularly told by teachers he would amount to nothing, he was used as an example to others of what academic failure looked like. Finally, he ran away from school, whilst hiding in his garden shed, Willard discovered his hidden talent.


Willard has received an MBE from the Queen, achieved two Guinness World Records, and an Honorary Doctorate from Warwick University. He's been the subject of an award-winning Channel 4 documentary, and the guest on international TV, Radio, and Talk Shows. His art has been exhibited across the globe, attracting celebrity collectors. He is living proof that learning difference makes no difference and small things really do matter. His focus is for his work and life story to be a message to humanity, look at the little things and appreciate them, and be willing to make small changes to achieve big things.

"sometimes we go through our worst to find our best"

This video has been deleted.
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